Tuesday October 11th Meeting

Location: Polymers Center of Excellence
the Dennis L. Hayford Conference Center
8900 Research Drive Charlotte, NC.

  1. Please note that this is a joint meeting with the Piedmont Coastal Section, therefore the meeting will be on Tuesday October 11th
  2. 4 P.M. Board of Directors (both Sections)
  3. 5 P.M. Tour of PCE and Supper
  4. 6 P.M. Speaker: Todd Bryant, and his subject will be RJG products and demonstration
  5. Cost will be $20 for members & non-members

Registration deadline: Close Of Business, Friday, October 8

Special note: There will be an RJG class in one of the conference center rooms-they may join us for our meeting.

The meal will come from Shane’s BBQ, as follows:

Baked beans
Mac & Cheese
Chopped BBQ pork
Chicken tenders
Ice Tea

Desert………Banana pudding

Our first SPE Carolinas Event for the 2016/2017 fiscal year will be hosted by Silotech Carolinas, Inc. , in York, SC.

EVENT: SPE Silotech Carolinas, Inc. Tour
Subject: Silicone Liquid Injection Molding Technology
Date: Monday Sept 12th at 1:30pm –3:00pm
Location: Silotech Plant, York, SC
1616 Timberland Court
York, SC 29745

Silcotech is a global leader in providing technologically-advanced liquid injection molding solutions for the medical, healthcare, automotive, packaging, consumer electronics and consumer markets. Silcotech’s core competency is providing turn-key solutions for simple to complex high volume liquid injection molding manufacturing projects in a clean room environment.

Dan Morris, Market Development Manager for Silotech will provide a 20-25 minute presentation on the Liquid Silicone molding process together, followed by a plant tour of the manufacturing areas, post-production/curing areas, and quality department, and a 30 minute period for discussions, questions and any inquiries.
The Plant Tour will start at 1:30pm and conclude by 3:00pm
Refreshments will be provided.

Seating will be limited, we only will have passes for 20 members!
Please register to reserve your seating by contacting Beverly Jarrell at bjarrell@polymers-center.org or call (704) 602-4127. You may also register for this event in our Events calendar

Volunteerism: You often receive more than you give

April 21, 2016 By Harvey Mackay

Years ago, my father sat me down and gave me what was some of the best advice I have ever received. It had nothing to do with making money but everything to do with getting ahead in the world. It was self-help advice that really focused on helping others.

He told me I would never have any trouble finding opportunities. And he told me that 20-25 percent of my time should be devoted to this pursuit.

“Volunteer,” he said. Not exactly music to the ears of a broke, fresh out of college, aspiring millionaire. But as I have come to appreciate, he was dead-on right – AGAIN.

Volunteering has made my life so much better, and I suspect that anyone who has become passionate about a cause will tell you the same thing.

You often receive more than you give

Link to Volunteer

The Future is Now: 3-D Printers are Poised to Disrupt the Economy

3D Printing
MultiBriefs: Ronnie Richard, May 16, 2016

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off, and you slowly spill out of bed. You shuffle along to the kitchen and pour a fresh cup of coffee in your favorite mug — all set to start a new work week.

But as you reach for some sweetener to add in, your arm knocks the mug off the counter, shattering it on the floor. How do you replace it?

Not long ago, the only solution would be to go back to the store where you bought it and hope they have another one. That mug from your vacation eight years ago is out of stock? You’re out of luck.

Today, you can search online at any number of retail websites — type “coffee mug” into Amazon, and you get 4.6 million results — but you still have to wait at least a couple of days for it to be delivered.

Ten years from now, you may simply fire up your 3-D printer, download an electronic file and make a new coffee mug in your home.

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Edcational Support Programs for Junior High & High Schools

Kasey Britt from Mount Gilead, NC won the “Wonder of Plastics” Essay Contest

Plastics Innovation in Sports

What is innovation? To me, innovation is change in a new, more creative perspective. An innovation enhances the world around us and is involved in everything we do. An example of an innovation is plastic. In particular, plastic is involved in most sports and has caused a revolution to the sporting world. Plastic is contained in most safety materials and is also in most sporting
goods such as running shoes, hiking shoes, clothing, and drills equipment. Plastic is also contained in sports-related venues such as tracks and stadiums.

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The Presidents Corner

Presidents Message

August 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Carolinas Section of SPE’s new year, and our new web-site. We have some great plans for the year and some outstanding presentations and social events. I hope that your Board can encourage each of you to attend at least a couple of our gatherings this year.
Throughout last year the Board worked hard only to come up dry. We would like to know why. I encourage each of you to contact a Board member and discuss with that Board member what it is that you would like to see us do to draw you, and other members and non-members to our events.

One of the biggest changes this year is a revamping of our web site. In addition we will work through having a micro-site on SPE International’s web site, This will be an expensive venture to do and we hope that the money will be well spent by drawing our Section closer to our members and non members. Watch for it! (Please tell us what you think about it.) We will even have a “blog” on our new web site so that members can communicate with the Board, and commentary on other subjects of local interest. So start a blog!

Aside from plant tours and technical presentations this year we are planning some strictly social events. On the drawing board for this year is a supper event at the Speedway Club, (see below) an event at Discovery Place, and our usual golf outing in May. We have thought long and hard about what might attract you even to the point of thinking about a social event at the NC Transportation Museum. (That would be very expensive for a train ride up in the mountains, but if enough of us show interest then maybe the effort might be worthwhile. It doesn’t hurt to dream does it?)

One of my ideas to get folks interested in attending our meetings is to have a drawing at a random meeting in which the winner of the drawing will receive a one year membership paid for by the Carolinas Section. If there is sufficient interest in this then maybe we will do it more than once.

Face to face networking is the key to our member’s success. If one doesn’t know more than just one someone, it is more difficult to advance one’s career. (Trust me on that.) In addition seeing someone else’s plant is always a good learning experience. We have a few plant tours in the schedule this year and these are places where one can learn by seeing. (And seeing is believing!) The social events we are thinking about should provide the perfect atmosphere for networking and making new friends in our industry.

On December 12th we are planning an evening at the Speedway Club networking event.. Here’s how that will work. If you are interested then you will have to sign up no later than a month in advance. Depending on how many members sign up we will have 3 menus to choose from (fish, chicken or steak), or if we don’t have so many sign up, then you may order from the restaurant’s regular menu. I can tell you it is fun to see the Christmas lights of the Speedway’s infield as cars drive through. (Sorry no children at this event.)

I look forward to seeing you at our September 12th meeting.
Dennis L. Hayford

Membership Chairman’s Monthly Report

uncle-samDear Membership,
2015 was a good year and we made money again for our education fund and to keep us going. Thank you for your help and support! However, the greatest gift is having you participate in person. We have 261 active members and if you live in or around Charlotte, there is no excuse not to come! 41 members that are, or were associated with us are from Charlotte, 3 from Concord, 5 from Fort Mill, 3 from Pineville and 5 come from out of state, Rock Hill in South Carolina, including me.

For all others it is a drive and I understand that you may not want to come for every meeting, but when we have a full program with top experts in their field, showing us what is hot and where we are going, it is worthwhile for all of us to be here. Even if it does not impact YOUR exact field, employees have to widen their horizon, understand what the world around them looks like to better understand their customers, their industry and learn from it. I challenge every one of you to make it to at least ONE of our meetings. There is on average one every month you can participate in. Participate not only by being here, to listen and learn, but also to share, to make contacts, to ask questions and to help us learn about you as a person, your capabilities and that of your company.
With the best wishes, yours Tim Haake – BoD / Membership